Bye Bye MCA

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Beastie Boys的Rapper Adam Yauch過世了。R.I.P.

47歲就過世了,真的很可惜,他是在2009年被診斷出來患有良性的唾液腺腫瘤,並因此延遲了專輯"Hot Sauce Committee Part Two"以及後續巡迴的演出,雖然死因目前尚未證實,但是推測應該和疾病不脫關係。

在他們1998年專輯"Hello Nasty"國際版的最後一首"Instant Death"歌詞是這樣的:

And what do you do when
Your man kills himself and
How do I make friends now
And where is my Mom
I need to show her that
She taught me
And please let me

Die an instant death



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